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“Why do we get the feeling of sadness we get when we finish a great book series or TV series?”

Because you have suffered a loss. You have developed an actual relationship with the show or the book and you know that it is over. You’ve integrated it into a pattern in your life, it delivers an experience reliably and you’ll miss it when it’s gone.


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“Why is it bad to make a species go extinct?”

There’s conservation and then there’s preservation. The preservationists think we should do what it takes to keep everything exactly how it is now.

The conservationists think we should do what it takes to let nature follow its own courses, which would mean saving species that are going extinct due to man but allowing extinction in the case of species that would have died out anyway.

However, given how much of modern medicine and technology comes from the natural world, we would very much like for nothing to go extinct until we have studied it sufficiently to get any natural secrets it may have that we can exploit.

However, we also have to be careful not to upset the balance of nature too much. If whales went extinct, their food source would explode. In some cases, this could wipe out many species that we use for food.


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“What the difference between Warranty and Guarantee?”

A guarantee is a promise that something will work for X amount of time. Many products offer a guarantee that their product will work for 5 years.

A warranty is a guarantee that a someone will do X if it happens within Y. Many companies offer warranties that if something breaks on their product within say, 3 years, they will replace it.

So when you buy or are given a warranty for something you are essentially getting a guarantee that if something goes wrong with whatever it is you got, that the person you purchased the warranty from will replace it or give you compensation somehow. The specifics would be worked out deal to deal.


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Lookin like she bout to drop the realest bars of her life.


Lookin like she bout to drop the realest bars of her life.

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Classics Design concepts 09 Challenger Widebody

My future car, and I would cruise the roads for sexy men an women, “Yo, babe, where you goin?”

Hey baby?! You wanna go for a ride in my love machine?!?!

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Bikini Bottom just got real..